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Video, audio, chat & sharing tools for key processes across industries.

Get with digital natives

Capture today's smartphone-savvy, ever-connected audiences who want the world at the tip of their fingers

uShare.to Leads

Capture prospects right on the website with our engagement widget, and lead them to conversion

uShare.to Claims

Manage insurance claims from end-to-end online and shorten claims cycles to less than 28 days

uShare.to Teams

Allow teams to keep in real-time touch using multiple modes of communication and sharing

uShare.to CX

Make for happier clients by working closely with them and delivering superior service

uShare.to allows for the immediate visual collaboration across the channel of choice – social, mobile, video, and audio - to communicate and share information that is essential to completing a process.

Stephen Busateri, Global Practice Manager, Verizon Enterprise Solutions

uShare.to Leads: Where winning the complex sale is simple

uShare.to allows sales agents in insurance, dealerships, real-estate and other industries to manage the entire sales lifecycle in a single place.

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uShare.to Claims: On-the-spot claims

uShare.to is a single pane of glass for the entire claims cycle. Manage the entire claims cycle in uShare.to, from reporting the claim on the spot with a phone, all the way to closure.

uShare.to Teams: Real-time teams

uShare.to is your teams' online home, where they can meet, share information and complete projects rapidly, without being bound by time, place or device.

No-Plugin Video/Audio Meetings

Pull your team together for a meeting on the fly, or schedule ahead meetings of time

Modern Messaging

Allow teams to keep in constant touch with mobile messaging and group chat

Share information

Share files, images, calendars, tasks in uShare.to or even those stored in your existing apps!

uShare.to CX: Make customers part of your team

Omni-Channel Support

Give high-worth clients real time support using the channel or device of choice to quickly address their issues

Client Management

Work closely with clients to deliver service and complete client projects

The uShare.to Platform

Rock solid communication and sharing infrastructure to enable key processes across Insurance, Real-Estate and Auto Dealerships

Video/Audio Conferencing

Effort and Plugin-less conferencing from the browser, desktop or mobile devices

Screen Sharing

Have more effective meetings by showing others' your screen

Website Engagement

Capture and engage website visitors with audio, video and chat

Social Group Chat

Rich group chat with threaded comments, @mentions, bots and more

Mobile Messaging

Jump into the conversation from any Android or iOS device

Custom Slash Commands

Custom actions based on integrations with insurance, dealership and real-estate applications

Share Documents and more

Share documents, images and links right in your conversations

Tasks and Scheduling

Organize team effort by assigning tasks and managing schedules

Works with Email

Two way communication with people who prefer to work via email

3rd party Integrations

Share data from third party apps like Dropbox, Google Apps, Box, OneDrive and more


Close deals with eSignatures from clients and prospects right in the flow of your conversations

Fail-safe Security

2-factor authentication, biometrics, password sensitivity and more

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