Zoom vs. uShare – Find The Best Video Conferencing Software

Due to privacy allegations, companies are seeking alternatives to Zoom. Looking for the best video conferencing software? Here’s the best of zoom competitors.

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With COVID-19 haunting the world, companies have resorted to remote operations. Managing teams can be difficult when working from home. Hence, companies are seeking the best video conferencing software for their collaborative needs.

COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic turned out to be Christmas for Zoom as the app’s users skyrocketed in just a couple of months. Zoom just hit a triple as the surge in active users was acknowledged since December 2019. With all eyes on Zoom and an astonishing demand proliferation, some critical flaws in the service were also exposed.

People were skeptical about Zoom’s privacy issues even before the COVID-19 pandemic as the app has been sharing its users’ data with other services like Facebook and LinkedIn. Despite the feature being allegedly disabled by Zoom after stark criticism, one can’t help but wonder if they’ve actually flipped the switch off.

Now, companies and privacy enthusiasts are actively searching for alternatives to Zoom as there were many downsides of using the app which professionals realized in time.

Zoom Leaks

Zoom has been reportedly considered as the source of numerous leaks caused by storing personal information and not having end-to-end encryption. Zoom has been using Transport Layer Encryption which makes the app susceptible to leaks and unauthorized access of information. This isn’t something that has been plotted by Zoom’s competitors. Zoom brought this upon itself.

Most of the users consider Zoom as the best video conferencing software because it’s free. Notwithstanding, it is your privacy that pays the price. Your personal information such as pictures and email addresses can be accessed via Zoom’s company directory.

Primarily, the use of Transport Layer Encryption enabled Zoom to access confidential information such as audio or video conversations during meetings which could be shared with anyone as per the company’s discretion. However, the security layer made Zoom vulnerable to hackers and trolls.

Zoom’s CEO was actually forced to publicly apologize because of the app’s encryption and security issues.

Zoom Bombing

Lately, companies using Zoom as a remote collaboration software have fallen victim to trolls wandering the Internet. Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s not just the companies that have gone under lockdown, it’s the people as well.

The phenomenon is called Zoom-bombing where trolls have been randomly joining meetings and disturbing the participants. All this has been caused by minimal confidentiality associated with the service – giving companies another reason to look for Zoom alternatives and competitors.

A recent incident reported was during a Zoom video conference call hosted by Casey Newton (The Verge) and his investor Hunter Walk. The session was infiltrated by a troll who victimized dozens of attendees by sharing inappropriate imagery. The host had to end the call as each time he kicked the troll out of the meeting, he would come back with more vulgar content.

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It may seem complicated to pull-off something like this, but in reality, it isn’t. All that person did was access Zoom’s company directory to retrieve meeting information such as the invitation link. Nevertheless, there’s a process to disable Zoom’s company directory from storing your personal details but that feature is only available to paid users. So much for the best free video conferencing software, eh!

Zoom admittedly accesses and stores below-mentioned information of anyone who uses their service as an online video conferencing solution:

Personal Information:

  • Name
  • Username
  • Physical address
  • Email
  • Account name
  • Phone number
  • Payment method
  • Facebook profile information
  • IP address
  • MAC address
  • Device type
  • Operating system
Confidential Information:

  • Meeting link
  • Meeting agenda
  • Date/time meeting was scheduled
  • Meeting recording
  • Meeting chat
  • Instant messages
  • Files shared
  • Whiteboards
  • Screenshots
  • Background images
  • Voice mails
  • Any other information
  • Camera
  • Microphone and speakers
  • Data shared via third
    party integrations
Company Information:

  • Company name
  • Department
  • Title
  • Mailing lists
  • Google analytics data
  • Google ads data

Zoom has been experiencing a backlash, not only from its users but also from the federal government, pertaining to its privacy and security flaws. Zoom’s privacy loopholes have compromised the online security of millions around the globe. Zoom has been subjected to multiple federal investigations in the US along with different lawsuits filed against the company. Maybe it’s time to take your online privacy a bit seriously.

The Indian government recently advised its employees not to use Zoom as it was “not safe”.

Zoom vs. uShare

Why uShare?

uShare is not just an ordinary video conferencing software, it’s the best remote app that offers complete collaborative solutions for your company. By selecting uShare as an alternative to Zoom, you are empowered to host audio and video conference calls, create dedicated chat rooms for your company and participate in group chats. uShare is a device compatible remote communication software that requires no setup at all. Connect and collaborate from anywhere in the world with just a single click.

Enterprise-Grade Security

With enterprise-grade security, uShare promises the safety of infrastructure, the confidentiality of documents (conversation history, shared folders, files, pictures, videos, links, and integrations etc.) and privacy which makes it a better remote collaboration tool and a Zoom alternative.

Never Lose Your Ideas

Another feature that makes uShare the best alternative to Zoom is the conversation history. One of the major drawbacks of using online video conferencing software like Zoom is that your conversation is never archived. The moment you end the meeting, the conversation is erased for you. All the revolutionary ideas and meaningful discussions, gone forever. Unlike other remote collaboration tools like Zoom, your conversation is never lost when using uShare.

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Zoom vs. uShare: Bring Everyone Together

Being a Zoom alternative, uShare promises to deliver more than just an ordinary video conferencing solution. With uShare, you can create an ultimate platform for remote collaboration among teams, partners and clients via a single app. With uShare, you can create chat rooms where anyone can collaborate with anyone.

Unlike Zoom and other competitors to the service, these chat rooms are confidential and can only be joined with accurate login credentials and a valid link. Since you can collaborate with potential clients remotely, the lead nurturing process is elevated to the next level. Why waste time in repeated follow-ups and emails when you can remotely collaborate with potential customers via uShare.

Zoom vs. uShare: Unlimited Channels

uShare is not just the best video conferencing software which serves as a viable alternative to Zoom, the app helps you create a remote collaboration platform like no other. With uShare, you can keep your conversations discreet and organized by creating different channels for your teams, clients, partners and potential customers. There is no limit to the channels that you create, unlike other Zoom alternatives and competitors, we don’t like to hinder your progress.

Zoom vs. uShare: No Downloads Required

Zoom is not a complete web-based team communication software as it claims to be. Furthermore, the tool is not compatible with all leading browsers. As per Zoom’s support center, the tool works best on Google Chrome, that too with limited functions if accessed via the browser. In order to access Zoom’s full features, you will have to download its app.

uShare is a complete web-based video conferencing software and the best alternative to Zoom you can find. Unlike Zoom, you don’t need to download any additional apps, plugins or tools to start collaborating with your team remotely. Furthermore, uShare is compatible with all leading browsers that users may prefer. Just register with the service and start hosting audio and video meetings with just a single click.

uShare vs. Zoom: Keep Your Stuff Organized

uShare not only offers the standard features that you seek in a team communication software, it’s a complete package that gives you much more than that. uShare helps you keep your important stuff organized including your tasks, contacts, shared links, calendar events, notes and documents that can be accessed from a single platform. Furthermore, uShare empowers users to have their personal space to store the files that are not to be shared with anyone else.

Zoom vs. uShare: Always Be Closing

Customers are always curious. Always wanting to know who’s on the other end of the call. With our remote collaboration tool, establish an unbreakable bond with your customers through live chat, audio and video conference.

Stop relying on the old school tactics of lead nurturing via repeated emails, follow-up and cold calls. uShare enables you to engage your prospects right away by empowering them to choose from a number of options to collaborate with you, your team and partners via a single remote collaboration platform.

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Zoom vs. uShare: Uplift the Customer Experience

Unlike the stale and orthodox interaction processes of other online video conferencing software out there, uShare gives you the best experience by enabling you to customize your customer journey by adding rich interactions at key touchpoints.

uShare allows its users to add audio, video and chat interactions in each phase of the customer journey. This sort of communication via a remote software elevates the customer experience and boosts the trust among parties.

Zoom vs. uShare: Device Compatibility

Unlike many Zoom competitors out there, uShare is compatible with a variety of devices and operating systems which makes it the best video conferencing software and a viable Zoom alternative. uShare is a PC and mobile compatible. You can access uShare via your preferred browsers, desktop app, iOS and Android devices.

Not only this, uShare gives you the freedom of choosing your preferred mode of remote communication via its software. With uShare, you can collaborate with teams, partners and clients through video conference, audio call, group chat and mobile messaging. Furthermore, you can switch the conversation mode at will.

Web browsers
Desktop App
iOS devices
Andriod devices
Video meetings
Audio meetings
Group chat
Mobile messaging

Zoom vs. uShare: Integrations

Being one of the best video conferencing software and a viable Zoom alternative, uShare supports a variety of other tools that may be useful for your business. You can easily connect uShare with your existing application ecosystem via available integrations to facilitate remote collaborations.

uShare’s current integrations include Trello, OneDrive, Dropbox, box, eSignature, SIP, Salesforce, Google Drive, Hangouts, Google Calendar and other industry-specific applications. Moreover, our team is constantly working to increase the connections as more integrations would be available soon.

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