Emergency Communication System for the Web & Mobile Age

Streamline communication and information sharing with the general public as donation of physical goods and number of volunteers surge when disaster strikes.

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When disaster strikes, access to information is just as important as food and water

Red Cross World Disasters Report

Disaster Relief

Get help to the affected rapidly

Volunteer Management

Coordinate with your team of volunteers

Cut the red tape. Get donated goods to victims rapidly

Help from the community should be streamlined – not frustrating

When disaster strikes, there is a surge of volunteers and donations of physical goods from the community. This powerful gesture of help quickly becomes unmanageable as relief organizations are overwhelmed by calls, emails, other ad-hoc forms of communication and even with people showing up with donations at their offices.

Enable commuity help through modern technology

uShare.to allows for all volunteers, sources of help, and donations to be directed to various websites familiar to the public. Donors and Volunteers can immediately engage with members of relief organizations via video, audio and chat right on the website. The member of the relief organization (or a chatbot) can then determine the type of donation, share instructions and assign that donor/volunteer to the right team and place.

Turn your volunteer groups into a tighty knit virtual team.

Enable dynamic field responses with live communication

Vastly improve response times on the ground when your volunteers can instantly communicate, make plans and share information.

Synchronize volunteer efforts

Make sure your team is playing together in tandem where all efforts are closely coordinated

  • Keep everyone involved with virtual meetings
  • Share guidelines and policies
  • Create projects and assign tasks
  • Coordinate in the field with instant communication

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