An All-in-One Software for Telehealth

A one-stop platform that enables you to schedule appointments for remote patient monitoring, host audio/video conferences, collaborate with teams and share/receive information.

Use Cases in Telehealth

uShare is a complete web-based platform that does not require you to download any apps, plugins, or tools. All you need is a stable internet connection to get started. uShare facilitates access to care by eliminating your dependency on additional hardware or software.

Patient Appointments

Schedule patient appointments seamlessly with uShare by specifying your patients’ email IDs. No more calling-in for appointment confirmations. Our smart alert system will notify your patients automatically once an appointment has been scheduled. Appointments can also be rescheduled by healthcare service providers or patients on request.

Patient Monitoring

uShare enables you to monitor patients remotely and prescribe the diagnosis via audio/video conferencing. The tool is best suited for telehealth practitioners that offer healthcare services without being dependent on an on-site clinical setting.


uShare enables you to collaborate with your team, partners, and key stakeholders via a single platform – facilitating remote operations in telehealth and patient monitoring. Host audio/video conferences, share files, create chat rooms, send private messages, and texts via a single web-based platform.

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uShare has much more to offer than the salient features prescribed.

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All-in-One Platform

uShare is a one-stop solution for seamless remote patient monitoring and team collaboration. This eliminates the possibility of investing in different tools to cater to diverse workflows in telehealth. Scheduling patient appointments, remote patient monitoring, team communication, and file sharing, all this is done through a single platform. Furthermore, uShare is a web-based app that is compatible with all leading devices, operating systems, and browsers. This enables users to collaborate from anywhere in the world irrespective of their device preferences.

A HIPAA Compliant Video Conferencing Software

uShare is a HIPAA compliant video conferencing software that fulfills all criteria prescribed by the Security Rule. uShare offers enterprise-grade security to safeguard the digital flow of Protected Health Information in telehealth. Satisfying all HIPAA guidelines, uShare ensures the safety of infrastructure, the confidentiality of documents (conversation history, shared folders, files, pictures, videos, links, integrations, etc.) and patient’s privacy.

Keep Your Patient Records and Data Organized

uShare is capable of becoming your centralized hub of information. uShare segregates your tasks, contacts, shared links, calendar events, notes, and documents in different tabs so you don’t spend hours looking for information you need. Furthermore, with uShare, your patient history is never lost. With other team collaboration tools, you might be unable to access information when it reaches a certain limit. This is not the case with uShare as we understand the significance of patient history for remote patient monitoring and diagnosis in telehealth.

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External Integrations

uShare offers external integrations to support different tools for diverse operations in telehealth. With our external integrations, you can connect Trello, OneDrive, Dropbox, box, eSignature, SIP, Salesforce, Google Drive, Hangouts, Google Calendar, and many other apps with uShare.

Device Compatibility

uShare is a web-based platform that supports all leading browsers. uShare is a PC and mobile responsive app that is compatible with a variety of operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS to cater to diverse device preferences of key stakeholders in telehealth.

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