Sales Enablement

Engage leads from site to sold, & beyond

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Improve website conversions and reduce abandonment

With live video, audio and chat sales engagement on the website, convert website visitors into qualified leads.

Continue the conversation till you win the sale

Website chat systems let you just have that first interaction with the client. However, after that, you fall back upon engaging the prospect through dozens of scattered emails and phone calls. allows you to continue the conversation right there in the same place, while giving your prospect the flexibility to use different channels

Social media and web chat are the favorite means of communication for millennials, and phone calls the least favorite.

Mary Meeker Internet Trends Report 2016

Meet prospects wherever they are

Aside from website chat in, your customers can keep the conversation going through email, texting or phone calls. The entire conversation is always captured in one place, and your agents never have to leave

Expedite the win with eSignature

With legally binding eSignatures within, close the sale the moment you have the client convinced. No doubts, no cumbersome paperwork. Instant win!

Do, Analyze and Improve with Reporting

Graphical reports help you track visits, analyze traffic sources and more

Make the sale, keep the customer

Continue engaging the customer right in the same place. Here are some ways companies leverage post-sale:

  • Onboarding
  • After sales service
  • Offering promotions and specials
  • Upselling and cross-selling related products

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