Capture homebuyers online

Today, the search for a home begins online. Capture new home seekers right on your website, and lead them to the sale

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Have the tools to engage the new home buyer?

50% of home buyers today are under 36, and 9/10 use online resources at some point in the purchase.

With, you put on your charming realtor shoes, and proacively capture the buyer’s attention right when they begin their search with live chat and video engagement

From search, to selection to home sold is way more than a website video chat solution. It is an end-to-end transaction management software that lets you manage the entire real estate sale in a single place.

1. Initial Engagement

Rich video/text chat with website visitors

2. Persistent Engagement Spaces

Each buyer gets a dedicated space where you answer their questions and lead them to closure

3. Share listings and other information

Share links and brochures related to homes with the buyer

4. Lead the buyer through the steps of the sale through tasks

Create to-do and task lists to handhold the buyer through the steps of the sale

5. Coordinate home visits

Use calendars to coordinate home visits

6. Add financer, seller and other stakeholders to the loop

At the right time in the sales cycle, add the seller, the financer and other stakeholders to the loop

7. Get the sales contract signed

Use inbuilt eSignature capabilities to get the final sales contract signed

Turn your agents into road warriors

Your agents have access to the power of right on their phone. Your always-on agent get the ability to do the following, and more.

  • Respond to questions while on the road
  • Hop into video conferences from the mobile phone
  • Click and share images with buyers instantly

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